Maid Service

‘Maid Service’ is an instalove romance between a man whose wife left him for another man and a woman who consumed her life with work to avoid falling into abusive relationships after she walked in on her mom half beaten to death.

This is a BWWM Interracial Romance (Black Women White Men)

Xia Chase is the sole owner of Xia’s Maid Service. She has been working her butt off to build a reputable name for herself and her business. She was strict about keeping personal affairs and business separate. Her rule was firmly enforced until she met Brad Washington who hired her to care for his home and vivacious daughter Charlene. 

Brad Washington is the owner of Sleepy Meadows Ranch. He struggled to cope after his wife left him for their daughter’s pediatrician. Life was stressful for him, raising his daughter, Charlene, alone and managing the ranch at the same time. He had trouble keeping a housemaid because of Charlene’s behavior which led him to call on the professional help of Xia’s Maid Service. 

Will Xia be able to keep a professional poise while saving this broken family? Will Brad and Charlene be able to heal after their lives have been turned upside down for all those years ago?

WARNING: Rebound plus love makes for searing hot connections. It’s more than just love. They’re trying to make a baby and It. Gets. Messy.



Chapter 3

     “Wow, you look amazing!” Brad exclaimed as he watched Xia descend the stairs in a long black gown that shimmered in the light. It flowed freely around her as she swayed back and forth down the steps.

    “Oh stop it,” Xia blushed, “you clean up quite nicely yourself Mr. Washington.”

    As she reached the bottom stair, Brad extended his elbow towards her. Xia carefully slipped her silk covered hands around it, gliding into place at his side.

    “Aww, you two look perfect together!” Phillip exclaimed.

    “Phillip!” they both retorted simultaneously.

    “What? What’s wrong with you two?” he snapped back. “You act like I’m trying to kill you. I’m just giving you both a compliment. Geez, lighten up!”

    “You know full well this isn’t anything like that so why would you even joke.” Xia complained.

    “You’ll have to forgive him Xia,” Brad jumped in to cover for his foolish brother. “In all his 30 plus years, he still hasn’t learned to think before he speaks.” Brad grimaced towards Phillip signalling him to drop the subject.

    “Well you kids have fun, I’ll be here, alone with the runt,” Phillip said while giving Brad a firm pat on the side of his arm. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and good luck.”

    “Thanks bro, you have my cell number if you need me for anything. Don’t call unless it’s an absolute emergency though. This gala is so big I heard the governor might even make an appearance.”

    Brad and Xia walked arm in arm out of the door to an awaiting limo. Brad opened the door for Xia and helped her slide in before dashing to the other side.

    “Do you know where the Midtown Ballroom is?” Brad asked their driver.

    “Yes.” the dark skinned man answered over his shoulder as he turned on the car. “I’ll have you there in 20 minutes tops.”

    “Thanks Tim, I really appreciate it.”

    “No problem Brad, always happy to drive for you. I hope you and your missus have a good time.” Looking in the rare view he continued, “that’s a mighty fine lady you have with you sir. You kno the good ones are hard to find so you better not let this one slip away. I know it’s not my business but I’m just saying…” Tim looked forward as he shifted the limo in reverse, “Don’t wait until your old like me…full of regrets and all alone…”

    They were all quiet for the entire drive after that.

    When they pulled up to the Midtown Ballroom. It was dark outside but there was a well lit staircase that led to two huge, heavy wooden doors. There were camera flashes going off in every direction and news anchors jabbering from every angle keeping up with every moment.

    “Wow,” Xia exclaimed, “I’ve never been to anything this formal before.”

    Smiling from ear to ear, Brad said, “Well I hope this is a good experience for you then. You’re welcome.” Picking her hand up he gave it a gentle kiss just before Tim opened his door.

    “Have a good time sir. I’ll be ready whenever you need me but please do take your time.”

    Stepping out of the car, Brad stood shoulder to shoulder with the older man.

    “And Brad,” Tim continued placing a firm hand on Brad’s shoulder, “at least make sure she has a good time tonight.”

    He didn’t wait for Brad to respond before going to the other side to open the other door for Xia. Extending a hand, he helped her out of the car. “Do be careful Miss. I have a feeling the cameras will be flashing at you tonight. Don’t worry about them and have a good time with Bradley. He can be a bit of a dimwit when it comes to love but he’s really a great guy.”

    Tim didn’t wait for Xia to reply either. He simply closed the door and headed straight for the driver’s side headed to the underground car lot.

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