In My Crosshairs [A BWWM Interracial Romance 2018]

‘In My Crosshairs’ is a BWWM Interracial Romance 2018 about a young girl escaping an abusive family and a lone wolf, hitman sent to kill her. These two lonely souls find more than what they bargained for in this steamy, love story.

Right now its free on Kindle from August 2 – August 6, 2018 but always free on Kindle Unlimited if you miss it 😉

Lyu Mila is the daughter of the hated crime boss Esober James who is notorious for shady dealings and double crossing his business partners. When a bounty is put on her head the only thing she can do to save her life is hide in a cabin located in the middle of a remote mountain forest but when you have a skilled hitman after you, no place is safe.
Simo is a retired professional army sniper used to being cold and alone. When he is hired to take out the daughter of Esober James it’s business as usual until he spots her through the scope of his McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle.
Captivated by her innocence and beauty, he is dealt a blow that none of his extensive training prepared him for. He wants to have her all to himself. 

WARNING: This is a story about finding and keeping true love. It’s not for the faint of heart. They’ve got a lot of pent up emotions waiting to explode and this is just the right avenue for them to do it. They can’t keep their hands off each other and making babies is an understatement for what they’re up to!


Bonus chapter for ya! 🙂

Chapter 4


I open my eyes. My eyelids seem held down with weights and my vision is blurry. And from what I can tell, I’m indoors.
The atmosphere is warm and I’m laying on a couch staring into a fireplace. Where the hell am I?
I try to move but am met with a sharp pain going down my side. I grimace, trying to stifle my pain-filled groan.
Reaching to my face, I rub my eyes to clear the waking tears out of them. Looking around again I see pictures of people I’m not familiar with hanging from the walls.
Thinking hard I try to recall what happened to me and what happened to me after I blacked out. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.
Up on the mountain side, I couldn’t fire my rifle. For some reason my body froze up and I couldn’t do it.
I was overcome by a need for this girl, I want her all to myself. I wasn’t sure what my next plan was but on my decent some rocks came loose right under my feet and I slipped hitting my shoulder on a boulder behind me tearing it wide open.
Thankfully my rifle didn’t go off or I’d really be fucked. Once I got off the mountain, I stumbled to my snowmobile and thought I was headed to my own cabin. But I guess the loss of blood got me disoriented and I ended up here.
But where is here? As soon as I thought that my cock stood up at attention, pressing its mischievous head against the seat of my pants.
I took a deep breath in and smelled the sweetest fragrance I’d ever sniffed in my life. It was like a mixture of cotton candy and cherry blossoms.
My dick twitched in my pants again forcing me to let out a shallow growl. Then I saw her. The prettiest head of black curls framed the most gorgeous set of round brown eyes I’d even seen.
She popped up from seemingly nowhere. But as soon as that happened I was staring down the barrel of a very big and powerful handgun. Oh fuck.
“Who are you?” the girl demanded. Raising my eyes, I instantly recognized her. Lyu Mila.
Destiny has led me to my angel but is she this cruel to turn fate and have me killed by my sweet chocolate instead? Heaven help me but I think I’d still die a happy man being killed by my angel.
“Answer me!” her fragile voice was straining heavily to sound fierce and intense. I put up my hands but was met with another sharp pain.
“Argh!” It was too much for me to bare this time.
“Oh my God, are you ok?” the girl dropped the gun and was at my side in a heartbeat. Her arms held me, one around my back and the other around my waste.
As soon as she touched me my pain melted to something else. I felt safe, secure and cared for. This felt right and I felt like I was home with her soft breasts pressed against my arm.
“Let me get you something to drink,” the girl jumped up and ran to grab a glass from the counter that was not too far away. “Here you go,” her voice was a soft pillow to my soul. “Drink up.”
I took the glass with my other hand. She stayed close to me, watching me drink the water. Our bodies were so close that I could feel her warmth blanketing me and I’m sure she felt mine.
When I was done I pulled the cup down from my face but didn’t give it back to her. I wanted her to stay here. If I could have my way, we’d stay like this forever.

That’s not the end!

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