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The Stormy Encounter

Chapter 1

Damsel In Distress


    “Argh! Of all the damn luck!”

    The strained echo of a woman’s voice resonated loudly, though no ears heard her. Rain beat heavily around her, each droplet screaming in anger as they poured down around her. It was like a monsoon was taking over the desolate North Carolina countryside as her crippled SUV rolled to a standstill.

    Mere seconds ago there was a loud crashing due to a head-on collision with a panicked deer trying to escape the wicked tempest. Unfortunately, instead of finding its safe haven, it found the complete opposite when it ran out in front of the oncoming vehicle, obliterating itself and the car’s motor at the same time.

    Pressing her slender face against the glass window, the young, dark-skinned, female driver squinted her almond shaped brown eyes, in a feeble attempt at seeing through the dark grey curtain of rain. Her heart pounded heavily as she was still in deep shock of her most recent life’s development. Before now, she had been so absorbed into happily singing with the radio that she barely gleaned enough consciousness to realize what had happened.

    Looking as hard as she could, she desperately scanned through the fog in hopes of seeing any nearby buildings or homes to solicit helping hands. To her dismay, instead, there was nothing but a deep sea of black. No lights. No movement. No buildings. Nothing.

    Having only taken this route as a shortcut home, the young woman had no idea what the area was like; or the people for that matter. All she knew was that she was out in the middle of the country and not a soul was in sight. Stifling all emotions relative to panic, she scrambled to pick up her cellphone and immediately dialed her brother’s phone number.

    Of all the people in her life, she knew that despite sometimes being a pain in her ass, he would always be there for her when she needed help. The moment she hit send, her drowsy eyes lifted slightly to the top corner of her phone. The error message that spoke through the speaker was a confirmation of her discovery. In that instance, she swore under her breath as she slowly realized there was no signal; no help would be coming and no one would know.

    Am I going to die out here? She wondered. “Damn!” she hissed in a fiery tone that was the complete opposite of her innocent demeanor. Hitting the steering wheel in an angry rage, the woman threw her phone across the car where it landed heavily on the passenger’s side seat.

    Now as reality was sinking in, she began to regret her choice to take the shortcut albeit was too little too late. Hindsight is 20/20 yet it never helps once the results of a wrong decision are at hand. The past is unchangeable meaning the stranded damsel would have to figure out how to get herself unstranded without her knight in shining armor coming to rescue her.

    How was she going to survive? Hunger began to set in as it was approaching her usual dinner time. She had never tasted venison but was starting to consider all kinds of possibilities as she stewed in her irritable frustration.

    Beads of sweat began to collect like morning dew on her smooth, ebony forehead as the cool air inside the car was being warmed and replaced by steamy, humid mist. In the seconds it took the first bead of sweat to roll down her slender face, she deduced the conclusion that there was no way in hell she was going to wait this storm out in her stifling hot, steaming SUV.

    Grabbing her purse, the courageous vixen tossed all of her personal items into it before throwing it over her shoulder army style. Snatching her umbrella from under the backseat, she was ready to take on the furious squall. With one deep breath and not a single thought, the woman opened the door, dashing down the road as if trying to escape hell’s fire instead of heaven’s rain.

    There had to be someone nearby she though seeming to forget her location out in the middle of no man’s land. As the wind whipped her umbrella out of her hands, the woman said a silent prayer and hoped there weren’t any creeps around; especially since there would be no witnesses and she could barely see what lay before her unsteady feet.


    It didn’t take long before the young woman was soaked to the bone. Even so, the rain was still pouring over her. Taking an unsure look behind her, she could no longer see any sign of her crippled SUV. Her white, flowered, summer dress clung to her body like glue to paper showing every inch of her long, curvaceous body while leaving nothing for the imagination. Her short, straight, dark hair no longer blew freely in the wind since it was also saturated with water.

    She had grown tired of running fairly quickly in her 4-inch stilettos, which were now discarded as she kept a steady, brisk walking pace. Her purse was drenched along with every electronic device she held near and dear. Her phone, tablet and mp3 player without a shadow of a doubt needed to be replaced once she was safely out of this mess. Glancing towards the cruel heavens she said a small prayer that God would direct her to safety because, at this point, there was no telling what was going to happen.

    Right at that moment, as if God himself materialized it for her, she spotted what looked like a house. Overtaken with emotion, Takeisha, the damsel in distress, was not sure if she should be happy or sad. She had no idea who lived there or what she would find inside. Was there a beast or merry dwarves?

    There was no telling. All she knew how to do, which was probably all she could do, was pray to God that whoever, or perhaps whatever, she found behind those doors was not preying on her.

    As she drew nearer to the house she marveled at its beauty. It was a huge, white, Victorian-style home with two stories and tall, erect columns at the front entrance. She enjoyed the home so much that it took all of her power to remember she was in a terrible rainstorm.

    Her automatic instinct was to stop and admire the old-time structure. If only her camera hadn’t met its untimely death, she could have taken some dramatically beautiful pictures of her royal majesty standing firmly against the heavy beating she was receiving. How sad. That’s no way to treat a queen.

    Oddly enough, even though she loved Victorian homes very much, Takeisha had never noticed this one before now. Perhaps, she rationalized, it was because she was always in such a hurry to get home from work.

    Her job was a nightmare. Being stuck with 25 smartass, know it all teenagers all day for too little pay was a decision she wished she could go back and change. Back when she, herself, was a naive, bright eyed, bushy tailed young adult, ready to change the world one kid at a time without considering the toll it would take on her emotional state.

    The house seemed so far away as Takeisha unwittingly began to run towards it. The anticipation was killing her. “Please do not let there be some disgusting pervert in this house.” She openly stated without a care in the world for who could be listening.

    The last thing she wanted was to wind up on headline news, being found in a ditch, raped and strangled to death. But Takeisha also had an adventurous side which burned with excitement the closer she drew to the home. After what seemed like an eternity, she breathlessly climbed the stairs, heaving heavily as she banged on the door with a heavy, tired fist.

    Even though it had only been 20 minutes since she took flight into the storm, between fighting against the wind and trying to keep her composure, it seemed like it had been much longer than that. After a long minute of waiting, Takeisha listened closely to see if she could hear any noise inside the house but there was not a single sound. Surely someone had to live here. The grass was cut and the house itself was in superb condition; it did not appear to be rundown at all.

    “Maybe they didn’t hear me,” she muttered absently and banged on the door again. Much harder this time. After doing this several more times, there still was no answer and it was still pouring rain.

    “Anybody home!?” she yelled as loudly as she could but it was in vain as her voice was carried away by the whipping wind in the opposite direction of the house. Banging one more time, with all her might, she knocked on the door. Still, there was no answer.

    “Ok, I’m coming in!” she yelled, not even sure if the door was unlocked. She figured any sensible person in this day and age, out in the middle of nowhere, would certainly lock the door behind them after they entered their house. Placing her delicate hand around the gold doorknob she slowly turned it anticipating the sudden resistance of a locked door.

    To her surprise, and almost too much delight, the knob kept turning until the door softly clicked open. Desperately wanting to get out of the rain onto dry grounds, Takeisha skipped the possibility of a home invasion charge and quickly found herself inside the house. Safely out of the rain but still soaking wet.

    “Hello?! Is anybody home?” she called, as she closed and locked the door behind her. After all, if there were no creeps in the house, she surely didn’t want any to come wandering by on accident like she had done.

    She stood still, listening for an answer but there wasn’t any to be heard. Looking around the house she could not see much since there was a small enclosed area full of dusty shoes and coats where she stood and a large staircase in front of her. Not sure of what to think of the home, she continued walking down the narrow hall trying to find any sign of the inhabitants.

    There was none besides for the fact that everything, aside from the dusty shoes and coats, was exquisitely clean and updated. An impressive feature for such an old house. The hardwood floors echoed her footsteps as her now replaced stilettos clacked with every careful step.

    Having gone through so much, and after a brief search for life, Takeisha’s adrenaline began to subside causing her to become very sleepy. Just then, she walked into the living room which was tastefully filled by a very comfortable looking couch. Hating to lay down in her wet dress, she kicked off her shoes and stripped off her wet garments before sitting down.

    Laying her head back she tried to consider all the possibilities of what could happen but her mind was too tired to process anything. The instant she closed her eyes her body shut down, throwing her into a deep slumber.

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